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I deleted my whole  2 paragraphs .. i am so pissed .. so i have to start all over and i can’t remember from word to word. so things have changed 

The book was amazing. only disappointment was how short it was compare to VA Series fifth book . but thought that book was dragging so i can’t completely complain . 

I like  Knowing what goes through adrian mind , i get why  the fiery heart  Richelle Mead wrote in his POV . and In This Book, but  Prefer  Just Sydney. sometimes it great to have some mystery in Adrian . with his Mental illness and the Spirit affects . i know how it affects because Lissa . and even reading her issues, affected me the reader ..  making me feel drain from it all . back to the book and the spoilers i am about to spill .

1. Nina and her Crush on Adrian. I think isn’t Adrian  suppose to be an expert on Social Cues? i thought Richelle Could written better on Adrian being aware of Her(Nina) Intention even though she mention  he needed someone , a Companion to take care of . someone so he didn’t feel lonely . but i thought it was swift and fast , so She could get to where Adrian saves Sydney and the final chapters .

2. I really wanted more Eddie and  Jill and the crew. i can’t believe i said that. But   it would be nice to see Adrian with them and they could of been more involved in Save Sydney sage.  Trey and Eddie helped save sydney. but i didn’t see alot of dialogue with them . which made me sad.

But i think the Most of the half of the story was fast or slow in a sense, fast in like not getting a lot of story behind the other characters, and speeding up the process of  the saving part and all. and slow idk there weren’t of talking or story building. i mean there was building to only one mission , ( the Main part) just slow that the side characters didn’t really matter, which i think sucks .

3. My favorite, well one of it  was  Seeing Sydney and Eddie hugging each other. you could tell they care for each other and that even thought through out the whole series you didn’t get real interaction between the Crew and Sydney, even though Richelle mentioned it . i wish there was more Friendship build . but also  thought Richelle did a better job at  this relationship build between Adrian and Sydney , more than she did with Dimitri and Rose.  Rose and Dimitri never had a big probable  they haven’t gone through real problems like Sydrian . I mean A whole  Community of Alchemist want to destroy Sydney and everyone who interacts with Vampires in civil and positive manner and she also has it against her she is with a Vampire , and Moroi are not so happy about Adrian with a Human either.  Romitri  problems were like  a  High school League , Sydrian is in the Big Leagues . 

4. well I really Love this  hide and seek with the Alchemist and Sydney pulling through , and used her magic even in her condition . she is a real hero ,  i laugh at all her little  escapes and her getting the security involve as a distraction .  

5. the proposal / Marriage. I kind of hope there was marriage, or Pregnancy in this series . and it happen .. well one did the other well can we get a baby Sage or Adrian soon.  I thought it was so smart and romantic of Adrian. It worked . well i am glad Richelled made it work . and they are safe in the court .  maybe one day  we will get a bonus book in the future and all of Sydney and Adrians friends are at their  renewal wedding . with Sydney having a baby Bump .

6. that helicopter scene ,on the roof. that was intense. Sydney had to do whatever she could to safe the man she loves, and i know it was a pain to prove right to the alchemist    or wrong , that she is a evil and soulless..  even though they put her in that situation . i think it is funny. that the alchemist justified the way they treat people and other that don’t believe in what they believe, in their cause. i think that it is so close to reality , about our world and how people will go to extreme to do what they believe is right or on religion , or on race . thinking my race is right , or you race is a savage and people do horrible things , because of hatefulness.  

i am so confused on Jill going missing, who is that blonde that contacted neil asking if he seem sydney or Adrian, is this person the one who was involve in Jill going missing ?  who is this blonde? is she the witch that got away in the Indigo spell? idk we will have to wait for THE RUBY CIRCLE . GOD we have to wait longer .  

"Who do you think her soulmate is? Because we had Graham, Neal, we had Hook now…"

if Graham was back… i would have a tough time choicing between Graham and Hook .. those two  look so great with Emma 

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Will this next season at least have more scenes with the two of you together? [x]

Emma Swan and Hook love story is so much better than charming and Snow . … 

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Daddy & daughter Josh & Jen @ ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ panel during Comic-Con International 2014 on July 26 - San Diego, California (x)

it is so funny that……………

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jennifer and colin being interviewed at SDCC 2014

they may not in real life be together. but they have to be atleast a little attracted to each other . .. 

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This look between Jesus and Callie has been the most interaction they’ve had all season 

i want more scenes between them.. but i would love to see Calesus callie/Jesus romance.. just to piss off Brallie shippers. lmao 


Teen Wolf AU

Lydia’s trapped in Eichen House while it catches fire and she barely escapes. After that, Lydia goes into a coma and begins to have a battle with herself to live.

Nvm i was not paying attention .. moving on // 

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Teen Wolf AU

Lydia’s trapped in Eichen House while it catches fire and she barely escapes. After that, Lydia goes into a coma and begins to have a battle with herself to live.

what the fuck is this. is this real??? 

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Definitely my favourite scene.

the sex scenes in the book are hot yes. but the writing is kind of shitty. but w.e  i think the movie , or movies will be great .   i really love the elevator scene. that kiss was hottest kiss i ever seen . also the way angle of pictures  the way the Director shot this scene is beautiful . also i really love that right on the mark of pushing her against the wall Beyonce Remix song crazy in love plays. it just makes it that much more intense.