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Things I don’t know 

 I don’t know when a Guy is hitting on me or just being Friendly Gentleman 


I  don’t know .. it seems the guys i want to notice me, don’t care to talk to me. 


 It seems to me guys From 3rd world countries , like idk  guys that native language isn’t english friend requests me on FB or Twitter… I’m Flattered but awkward.  


 Two times  at Starbucks  older men offer to buy me a coffee.  the first time two men in their late 50’s early 60 maybe , were in front of me and they made small talk with me. very nice and weird , because i’m not a very social person to begin with.  the second man offer to buy me my coffee , i said no thank you that’s fine.  

 the second time, a  man in mid thirties maybe ,  he bought my coffee , i was shocked, i said thanks but he didn’t say anything, he just left with his orders. so did he do as charity? Like we hear from people doing for  pay for the person behind you? idk he didn’t even tell me he was paying, he just gestured to the cashier and said her too. i think he saw i only i had a $5 bill . That is my only  understanding why.  


I am still wondering why both those time happen?  Part of me hope that it was flirting thing, a something like they found me attractive  . the other part of me wants to know if it was just someone doing something nice for another stranger . .. So let me be honest i  hope its first .

i don’t know why People care or ask why another person doesn’t have a boy friend or girl friend ,  or Haven’t have sex ? When are they getting married, having kids.  Why is it a Tradition ? why are you suppose to have A MATE. Sound weird but its a truth . Like why do people think its wrong not being a relationship? Are any of you actually happy all the time with that person . people put so much pressure for other to be in a relationship for what, to see other people to be in a miserable ?  want see pictures of you and your Boyfriend?  what there wont be anything to talk about if they don’t have a Boyfriend , or Marriage ,or Kids?  



The Outlander fandom after the trailer for next week.



okay then i am thinking  I can make it til next weekend .. it will be amazing and we all will be happy 

Awkwardness and most underrated scene of 1x06 aside, the look on Murtagh’s face matches mine…

I feel like i am watching Snow white in some ways . one woman with like 7 men it seems . and Jamie is the Prince Charming . and  Jack Randall is the evil step Mother haha 

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 they both like each other so much, well attracted to each other sounds better. Obviously we can tell Claire likes him, she wants to get back to her time with her husband and the life she knew. so we know she is hesitant to show feelings for Jamie. Jamie well we could tell from the beginning about him. I mean In real life I am confused when Male sex comes up to me and makes conversation. Are they just being Friendly and want to talk, or are they attracted to me. I’m very insecure about myself. but watching a show it is kind of different in some prospects.  Jamie was always there with her, comforting her, i mean that could be his  personality . but you know theres more to it when remember that scene , i think episode 4  they were in the room while a couple men singing songs she couldn’t understand, Jamie was giving her wine, and the young girl next to him was trying to make convo with him but he didn’t pay much attention to her, he was singling Claire out. always talking to her. i just knew then that there was something.

  So i think this last episode 6   in this scene, he was kind of happy this outcome, but idk maybe a little disappointed in expression..  he knows this is not how she wanted it , he probably knows she is attracted to him. i think idk . i found it kind of sweet and endearing that she ask him if it bothers him that she isn’t a virgin, and he says something like as long as it doesn’t bother you that i am a virgin. i just thought that was a good scene 

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You don’t fuck with Adele

#that’s why her hair is so big #it’s full of secrets

isn’t this exactly what Tyrion Lannister did

trip-hop-cabaret-dance-punk omg I am Dying Laughing - (That’s why her hair is so big , it’s full of secrets) 

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real talk does anyone ever just take a moment to appreciate the flawless combination that is cheese and tomatoes

cheese and tomatoes


cheese and tomatoes


cheese and tomatoes


c h e e s e  a n d  t o m a t o e s


food porn


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what the hell happen? are you the HULK?

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I want to see who else ships Red and Lizzie.

If you ship Lizzington (Red and Lizzie as a couple) please reblog. 

Jamie outside Claire’s door



reading that i giggled because i was imagine the dog voice in the movie. i love Jamie .. he is so sweet to Claire .

 this is what we all waiting for with Jamie and Claire .