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Can i have that cow. so cute . i didn’t know i was human for the longest time. I always thought i was a dog , stuck in a human body.  then the docs gave me pills . 

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i wonder how many times she  told the hairdresser , i want  a Blow Job . 

or can i have a brazilian Blow Job? 

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do you need a sister wive/ mom?  

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Thanks satan.

This week on You Didn’t Know You Were a Satanist

  I always i had a soft spot for  Lucifer. just a misunderstood. i mean think about it,  theres so much rules in Religion  , and there is so much wars between religious groups . and “woman should respect and obey Husband all time”  i think that is bull shit . i think these religion is satan, maybe not Lucifer who knows . but if i was the devil , i would think this was the best way to get more souls . is to make war between religion and  make sure there inequality in sexes .


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Somebody has a Secret Santa

I wonder if Liz’s Secret Santa is Tom. We don’t know what happened to him after he told Liz that her father was alive. She could have arranged for him to disappear and he could have the knowledge about Berlin and his assets. Liz wouldn’t have to love him to use him for information. She could have decided he was more useful alive than dead.

i didn’t understand that scene til now, when you mentioned it . i thought Tom died , but i have to re-watch it. but that would be logical, how she knew berlin had his money .  

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*announces my pregnancy at your funeral to shift the attention around to me*

 that could go two ways , people would be so excited for you. or they would be pissed that you announce such things during someone funeral . hope for the first one 

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I still need to know what dog this is

It is the Caucasian Shepherd Dog aka Russian Bear Dog. This picture below is just a PUPPY.

it looks like a science experiment, like   they breed a German shepherd with a Polar bear .  still cute though 


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Dogs are the best . I would trust my life with a Dog. they are nothing be protective and loyal , and sweet as can be.  

Perfect Match book Fan made playlist

I can't get enough of Jodi Picoult

Crazy in Love - 50 shades of Grey Version of Beyonce - cover by Sofia Karlberg ( Imagine this song As a Trailer for a Movie, so intense. 

Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran 

Let me be myself-  3 doors down 

I would die for you - Matt Walters 

Demons - Imagine Dragons 

We Remain - Christina Aguilera & Jacquie Lee 

Broken Ones - Jacquie Lee

Breaking your own heart- Kelly Clarkson 

Bitter sweet Symphony - The Verse ( It reminds me of Cruel intentions , it kind of fits this book too, imagine hearing this while watching Nina Shoot Father Gen in the head in slow motion, and everything its fast and slow at the same time. )

I am me - Willow Smith 

If i’m not in love with you - Faith Hill

 Hands - Jewel 

anymore of this - Mindy Smith & Matthew Perry 

I won’t give up on us - Jason Mraz 

God gave me you - Dave Barnes 

Say something - A great big world ft C.A 

Here with me - Susie Suh  and Robot Hoch (  When Judges Verdict finds Nina Acquitted, Slow motion .)  

i think this scene was the cutest thing i heard 

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